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Wood / paper industry

Wood / paper industry
November 21, 2016

by envaenergy

Both in the wood and paper industry, large quantities of steam are used, among other things, in the drying process. The patented ENVA technology finds several application opportunities, which have the potential to increase energy efficiency.

The ENVA energy module generates CO2-neutral electrical current from a pressure drop of only 0.6 bar. A typical application of the energy module is in bypass of an existing pressure reducing valve. The energy module replaces the DRV and carries out the desired expansion, at the same time generating electrical power.

By connecting the Energy Module as a bypass, your existing process is not affected in the event of a fault. The patented ENVA process is based on the use of a rotary lobe blower as an expander, which can, with its compact and robust design, handle a wide range of steam qualities. A rotary lobe blower is extremely robust compared to a turbine.

Depending on the application, an amortization period of less than 3 years is generally the rule. By applying our technology, you may also be entitled to the energy tax reimbursements, or energy efficiency grants which can make the economics even more attractive.