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Case Studies

The ENVA Energy Module is used in the industry since 2009.
ENVA always strives to keep a good customer relationship and achieving customer satisfaction is our highest goal. To emphasize we would like to introduce some of our references.

Case Study Biomass Power Plant

Gegenbach Project plan

In this biomass power plant, wood is used as feedstock. The superheated steam from the boiler is fed to a back pressure turbine for power generation. The Energy Module is connected between the turbine and the vacuum condenser and uses the steam with a low pressure but with a useful energy content for electricity generation. The condensate is recycled and fed back to the boiler pump.

Technische Daten:


Application: expansion before condenser
Entry Pressure: 1,5 bar (abs.) at 111 °C
Outlet Pressure: 0,5 bar (abs.) at 81 °C
Steam Flow: 5.000 kg/h saturated steam
Electrical power: 95 kW
Electrical Output: 800.000 kWh/a
CO2Savings: 490 t/a
Commissioning: 2011 October

Case Study Coking Plan

Referenzen - ORC Modul - Prosper

In the coking plant the process steam is filtered by steam washers.


To protect the washers, the steam has to be reduced by a pressure reduction valve from 3.3 bar to a working pressure of 1.3 bar.

The Energy Module is connected in parallel with the reduction valve and is controlling the exit pressure to the desired level. The energy of the expanded steam is transformed by the Energy Module in electrical power.

Technical data:


Application: Pressure Reduction
Entry Pressure: 3,3 bar (abs.) at 137 °C
Outlet Pressure: 1,3 bar (abs.) at 107 °C
Steam Flow: 3.000 kg/h saturated steam
Electrical power: ~ 65 kw
Electrical Output: ~ 520.000 kWh/a
CO2 Savings: ~ 300 t/a
Commissioning: 2012 September

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