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our technology

Energy Module & ORC Module

The ENVA energy module generates electricity from pressure differences > 600 mbar.
The ORC module generates electrical energy from heat sources > 80°C.
Our technology is based on the patented application of rotary lobe (Roots) blowers as expander, which enables CO2-neutral electricity generation in low pressure steam systems with minimal pressure drops and from low value heat sources.

Application possibilities

Our energy modules can be set differently and switched as bypass. In this way, the existing processes are not disturbed by any means. Here are some examples in practice.

Energy Module and use of waste steam

Energy Module and use of waste steam

Energy Module in a condenser system

Energy Module in a condenser system

Energy Module as pressure reduction station

Energy Module as pressure reduction station

Industry sectors

The power module is versatile and is used in the industry for energy optimization since 2009, with full satisfaction of our customers.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry

Chemical and Pharma- Industry

In the chemical and pharmaceutical Industry large amounts of steam and heat ...

food industry

food industry

Whether it is breweries, dairies, sugar refineries, starch production or fruit juice ...

Wood / paper industry

Wood / paper industry

Both in the wood and paper industry, large quantities of steam are ...

Petrochemical / rafineries

Petrochemical / rafineries

Steam plays an important role in petrochemical and refineries. Both in the ...



Germany is the largest steel producer in the EU and the seventh ...

other industries

other industries

Wherever steam is used in the low pressure range in the industry, ...

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Hans J. Schmidt

Hans J. SchmidtSales Manager

Mobile: +49 151 461 319 75
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E-Mail: h.schmidt@envaenergy.com

Region: North/East Germany

Ewald Schönhals

Ewald SchönhalsSales Manager

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Region: Germany/Austria/Switzerland

Nedal Ammar

Nedal AmmarSales Manager

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Region: North/West Germany

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Aktuelle news

Der Organic Rankine Cycle (Abkürzung ORC) ist ein Verfahren des Betriebs von Dampfturbinen mit einem anderen Arbeitsmedium als Wasserdampf.

Stromgewinnung aus Abwärme
November 22, 2016

by envaenergy

Strom aus Abwärme

Industrielle Abwärme mit einem Turbinenwirkungsgrad von 75 Prozent in Strom zu verwandeln – dies gelingt mit ...

Abwärme ist kein Abfall
November 22, 2016

by envaenergy

Abwärme ist kein Abfall

Moderne Nutzfahrzeug-Dieselmotoren arbeiten äußerst effizient. So ist es im Langstrecken-Güterverkehr möglich, rund 40 Prozent der chemisch ...

bio gas
Januar 09, 2017

by envaenergy

Turbo für die Biogasanlage

Bei der Stromerzeugung in einer Biogasanlage wird auch Wärme produziert. Diese Energie wird teilweise zum Betrieb ...